5 Things Men Do That Drive Women Crazy (Good and Bad)



Here’s a short and extremely simple list of things men do that drive women crazy – both the good kind of crazy, and the bad kind of batshit crazy.



crazy kiss

1. Hold their face while kissing them or kiss them on the forehead. Drives women crazy.

crazy carry

2. Pick them up, or carry them like they weigh nothing. All women like to feel like they’re thin, so at least pretend to not buckle under pressure.

crazy plans

3. Make plans. I can’t emphasize enough the value of making a reservation. Women don’t appreciate getting a 6pm phone call, “what do you feel like doing tonight?” when you’re supposed to meet at 8pm.

crazy foot rub

4. Foot rub. It doesn’t have to be ancient Oriental foot reflexology here, just a simple foot rub is enough to make our knees weak.

crazy flowers

5. Send flowers. Sorry, but that shit still works. Haven’t you seen the way girls go nuts on Facebook with photos of flowers sent to them? Even better, try to be more imaginative and send over a pizza or something. It signifies “effort”. That you were thinking of us enough to spend 5 minutes to send something over. Works. Every. Time.



0 crazy phone

1. Phone problems: phone battery died, problematic phone, turns phone over on table, always on the phone with you, takes a call in another room. We hate this shit. Fix your fucking phone!

0 crazy dishes

2. Dishes. Men always seem to go for the “soak the dishes” instead of washing it. We all know it’s a deflection of work. The jig is up.

0 crazy drunk

3. Binge-drinking. No-one wants to be with the guy who drank more than everyone else, and is acting like a drunken buffoon. That shit is embarrassing for everyone.

0 crazy manchild

4. Man-child behavior. The guy  in a semi-state of Boy Meets World, not quite a man, not quite a toddler.

0 crazy lost

5. Getting lost. Nothing causes our esteem in a man to drop quite like a guy calling you and telling you that he’s lost on his way to meet you. Firstly, that means your ass is waiting for him. Secondly, Google maps?? Maybe it’s the admitting of a failure that turns us off, but girls seem to always lose their minds when this happens. For God’s sake, even Tom Hanks managed to get himself and Wilson off that island.


See? So simple. 🙂

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