Movies I did not expect to love.

This is a follow-up to the earlier entry “Movies I will not watch again” – I decided to post 5 movies that many people would not traditionally watch more than once, or movies that, based on my personal taste, I did not expect to enjoy and watch repeatedly.

Brokeback Mountain

Lordy, how I love this movie. I have no idea how many times I’ve watched it – definitely more than 10 (I’m giving a really low number so people don’t start giving me shit about how much tv I watch). This story is one of the most tender love stories I’ve ever seen – it’s handled so delicately and carefully. Everything about this was just perfect and probably the role Heath Ledger should have won the Oscar for (not that crap Joker performance. There can only be one Joker! Jack!). Even after all the the times I’ve watched this movie, there are so many questions that I have about their relationship (who loved who first? were they really gay or just in love with each other?). Maybe I should get the book.



Inglorious Basterds

Let me prefix this by saying I am neither a Brad Pitt nor Quentin Tarantino fan. I don’t get the big whoop about either but hey, I never said I had great taste. This story, however, was genius. I loved the Seinfeld-esque storytelling – multiple story lines seemingly running in different directions, all ending up in the same plot. Christoph Waltz was note-perfect as Hans Landa and Michael Fassbender caught my eye in this film. The boy is too fine. And credit given where credit is due, Brad Pitt was really great as Aldo the Apache – accent, attitude and all. Every time this movie in on, I have to watch it. Love it.




Do I have a thing for Nazi movies? I don’t think so but I really loved this movie from the first time I saw it. I’ve watched this at least 15 times now – the performances are stellar and its amazing how a movie, primarily filmed in one room, over a couple of hours can be so gripping. Kenneth Branagh is so unbelievably cold that you try to seek warmth from Stanley Tucci’s character only to be let down by how cold he is as well. This HBO produced movie of the Wannsee Conference truly reveals the brainwashed psychology of the Nazis. I recommend watching this first, then, Inglorious Basterds – just for a little revenge. 🙂


Remains of the Day

I normally like my movies/tv shows full of violence, action, sex etc (Sons of Anarchy!) so it’s a miracle that I passionately adore this movie. I know I’m not the only one. I’m surprised that I’ve watched this many times over. It’s another classic, careful story that plays out like a lush, red carpet unfurling. Absolutely gorgeous to watch Anthony Hopkins in such a restrained role – in fact all of the characters play such restrained personalities that every time I watch it, I keep hoping for someone to just jump out of character and start screaming around the house. (I just realized this story is also Nazi themed! What the hell is wrong with me?)


And the Band Played On

I believe I first watched this movie – either in 1994 or 1995. It was a most eye-opening movie to me at the time (I must have been about 16 or 17) and AIDS was still all quite new in Singapore. I loved the combination of medical details together with the personal stories of the people trying to help bring this disease to light. It’s a sad story (obviously), extremely poignant and a must-watch for anyone.


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