Movies I will not watch again.

I’m a self-confessed movie obsessed person and once I like a movie, I will watch it over and over again till I’m positively sick of it. However, there are some movies (and these are great movies, internationally acclaimed, award-winning stuff that I cannot bring myself to watch again).

The Deer Hunter

It took me years to get round to watching this movie and once was enough. Completely heart-wrenching, I fell in love with Meryl Streep’s tender youth and Robert De Niro’s relentless friendship (He jumped out of the fricking helicopter to help his friend!). The build-up was fantastic and the breakdown was even more amazing. Watched it once, will never watch it again.




Morbidly disturbing. I could barely get through the whole movie but stuck with it for Charlize Theron’s amazing performance. The scene that has always stuck in my head when was she was attacked in the car with acid. Every time I am reminded about this movie, I think about that scene. My groin literally sympathy-hurt while watching it.



Boys Don’t Cry

This was one of the few movies where I needed about an hour after watching it to recuperate. The other was American History X. While I give props to all the actors performances especially Swank and Sarsgaard – it was the knowing that this was a true story while watching it that made it hit home. Completely devastating and will never watch it again.


Black Swan

Basically, crazy bitch does ballet and goes bonkers. I’ve watched its Oscar counterparts several times (The Fighter etc…) but can’t bring myself to watch Black Swan again. I don’t think it’s because of the creepy scenes (like Winona Ryder slashing her own face) but the story line is just so full circle and comes complete that there’s no reason to watch it again. It closed so beautifully that I feel there’s no reason to open it again.


The Wrestler

Completely coincidental that another Aronofsky movie is featured here? This movie was heart-breaking from start to finish – storyline wise as well knowing the story behind the scenes – of how Aronofsky received little funding based on the fact that he insisted on having Mickey Rourke, how Axl Rose donated music and even Marisa Tomei’s age (although she look righteously hot). And before I could even contemplate giving this a second watch, Rourke’s beloved Chihuahua dies. Christ, I can’t bring myself to watch this movie again. I tried once and had to stop in the first 15 minutes. Mickey Rourke broke my heart in this one.


Pet Sematary

Anyone who knows me well knows not to mention these 2 words to me. This story has freaked me out ever since I read the book and stupidly watched the movie after. I don’t know which freaked me out more – probably the book. I also have no idea why I’m putting this one here because the sight of this poster is causing me to hyperventilate. It’s the movie that has scared me the most (including The Exorcist). All I can think about is Victor Pascow’s red running shorts. Victor Pascow’s red running  shorts. (Which I just Googled because I’m a dumb ass idiot. God, look at those pictures). Serious hyperventilation here.


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