Top 5 Songs When Stranded On A Deserted Island.

I got to one of my favourite songs on my iPod  that day and got to thinking about the kind of music I’d like to have with me, for my eventual exile on a deserted island. This list was picked very carefully and is in order!

1. Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough

This would be the song where I would wash up on the deserted island – exhausted but glad to be alive! This is my No.1 favourite song of all time that always gets me on the dance floor – so this would be perfect to kick-start my island getaway.

2. Pearl Jam – State of Love and Trust

Pearl Jam is one of my all-time favourite bands since I was 14 (and Lord knows, that’s a long time ago) and this would be favourite song from them. It would the perfect song to fuel me to survival on the island – finding wood, cracking coconuts, talking to volleyballs… I’ve also always had a dream of going to a club and being able to dance to this song (like they did in the movie, Singles). It’ll never happen – but on my island, it might…

3. Don Henley – Boys of Summer

Also one of my favourite songs – ever. I think will be a good 80’s montage song for my island seclusion – the attempts to make SOS signs, head bands out of clothes that don’t fit me anymore, watching sunsets, climbing up hills (ok, maybe not this) and a poignant shot of me screaming in desperation (delirium?) to the ocean.

4. Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack – Gethsemane

Oh, this is the beginning of the end – the contemplation of my death. Let’s face it – it’s probably been a couple of months now, I’m definitely only surviving on what I can get my hands on – the fish spear didn’t quite work. I don’t think I will be the kind of person that will try and build a raft for my escape. I’ll probably be sobbing while swatting mosquitos. I’ve gone quite mad and will fashion a noose. (Side note: I think Ted Neely (Jesus in this musical) started my Jesus fetish)

5. Iron & Wine – Trapeze Swinger

The sweet, tender end.


One Reply to “Top 5 Songs When Stranded On A Deserted Island.”

  1. em said….. 2 of my fave songs are on yr list,
    MJ and Jesus Christ Superstar, I still have your DVD 🙂

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