Dear Prude-nce.

So, I was out with a friend last weekend and I decided to ask her whether she would consider me a snob. The reason for me asking this question, is because over the years, my club behaviour, protocol and manners has somewhat… evolved. In my 20’s, I was so smoking hot that it gave the license to be quite a bitch to guys who would try to talk to me. In my mid-to-late-20’s, when I was mostly in relationships – it was flirty, keeping the boundaries and I learnt to be gracious and more approachable. When I most reluctantly turned 30, I was at a stage of my life that I didn’t quite expect – single (when all my peers were married and starting families) after being in a relationship for 4 years. Things had definitely changed since I was out there.

My first night out – some random guy came up to me and asked me if I cook and how old I was. I was so taken aback, I actually lost all knowledge of the fact that I’m witty and stared at him with my jaw dropped. I also had to adjust to being hit on by ridiculously younger men (then I went with that for a while, just for the fun of it) and finally re-integrated myself into the world of singledom and things have been pretty good since then. I would consider myself friendly (every chat-up is an opportunity to network) and as long as the guy isn’t a creep, I would generally engage in a conversation. I do not, however, suffer any grabbing hands or accept drinks all the time just because they are offered to me. I think that’s a pretty good policy.

So, anyway, when I asked my friend whether she thought I might be a snob, she pondered the question for a bit and finally replied with, “No… I think you’re a prude”.

Well, that’s definitely one I haven’t heard before.

Mind in frenzy, thoughts in a whirlwind – and it wasn’t just from the vodka. I would have never considered myself a prude but once again, I let myself think about the perception people might have of me. If 20-year-old-me met the person I am now, I’m pretty sure I’d call myself a prude too. I’m extremely particular and careful about the people I spend time with (not because I’m all that great a person) but because I think it’s good to spend time with people that truly add value to your life. I no longer go on dates for the sake of having a good dinner (yes, all girls do that) and frankly, if you can’t get me out of my pajamas and into a dress, why bother? I admit that I might have gotten into a slum of self-seclusion but I seem to have lost my will to strongly socialise. I’d like to think it goes in waves – or… shit, maybe I’m just getting old.


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