3 Things for 3.10

Ok, I have decided to make my March of 2010 a giving month – giving to myself, at least. But if someone else benefits from these gifts, way to go!

I have placed 3 things on a list of what I would like to add to my life:

1. Tattoo

It’s time to get some new ink. The first tattoo I ever got is on my lower right back and I chose it when I was shitfaced, post champagne brunch. It is (ostensibly) a yin-yang symbol, with swirls around it. I’m fine with the yin-yang symbol – it’s the swirls and horizontal placement that bug me. I would therefore, like it amended/altered with the addition of a Pegasus.

I have long wanted to add a Pegasus but had no clue where to put it. I’m not one for obvious locations like the arm (although I wouldn’t mind a shoulder blade, but that would be one big ass horse) so I figured the best place would be the continue on the lower back. (Nothing on the front, since I already have another tattoo on lower left abdomen – drum score from a Rush song).

So, I’ve got take a picture of my existing tattoo, send it over to a cousin’s friend (who’s an awesome tattoo artist) and see what mojo he can do. The reason why I’ve wanted a Pegasus is because the horse has featured prominently in my life. I am born in the Year of the Horse (according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar) and I’m also a Sagittarius. So, instead of just getting a regular horse on my back, why not a pretty one with wings? A unicorn might be a little too much.

2. Watch

The last time I used a watch religiously was during my flight attendant days (yes, yes…) for the obviously punctuality needs and I couldn’t very well be checking my cellphone during flights. Since then, I’d abandoned my one watch and haven’t used one since. I do have a compulsive need to check the time so have now decided to incorporate a watch into my outfit. I have no idea what kind I want to get but I do have one severe limitation: I find it challenging to read analog time. I revert to a 6 year old child who’s just learning how to tell time. I’m better if the watch/clock has those lines but if you give me a blank face with dots for 12, 3, 6 and 9 – I would just make it up. So, this watch needs to be something that is fairly thin (since I use the computer everyday), is in digital time and pretty. The search continues.

3. Holiday

This holiday may not happen exactly in March but am looking at the first week of April which means planning has to be done in March. Yes, that’s right. I’m a holiday planner. I am not a Lonely Planet kinda girl – the kind that decides on location the day before she flies on and lands in a foreign land with a backpack to search for a hostel. Hostel is a hostile word.

I like my luggage on wheels and not sharing accommodation. I also like arranging my hotel transfers in advance and having a good idea of what to expect from the location and where the hotspots are. I know it doesn’t sound very exciting and maybe in this area, I am not very exciting but I don’t see being prepared as the anti-thesis of fun. My basic beach holidays start off with early, big breakfasts, lazing on the beach, drunk before noon, poolside by the evening and out at night. I’m not that dull (but in the grand scheme of holiday exploring, I’m pathetic). I suppose if I wanted to be really Kerouac about it, I could but that would completely freak me out.


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