TV Taste.

Opinion posts are always difficult. Everyone has an opinion and usually gets defensive about it. So, let me prefix this by saying this post is made in my opinion and shouldn’t affect anyone else’s judgement or personal preferences.

There are some TV shows I love and some I have absolutely no idea why they are popular. Maybe I just don’t get it but at least, I try to watch them before declaring they’re just not for me. (Shit, any more disclaimers I need to add?) So, I’ll start first with my favourite TV shows – which definitely can be mocked at. I never proclaimed to have stellar taste, just distinctive.

Oh, how I still love my Buffy The Vampire Slayer. That’s right, I still watch it from Season 1 to 7 and start again. The only superfluous character they took 2 seasons to make less annoying was Dawn, Buffy’s surprise sister played by Michelle Trachtenberg. If I was allowed only one TV on a stranded island, I’d take this and still try to get off the island (more on that to come).

As a Joss Whedon fan, you gotta love Firely. Shame about the show cancel, but heck, there’s always the movie “Serenity”. Follow Nathan Fillion on Twitter, he’s adorable. The pace of this show (as with most of Whedon’s work) is well played out, the banter and dialogues layered and usually British influenced and the chemistry, near perfect. At all times, you know the relationships between every single character – which Joss Whedon stunningly fleshes out within the first 5 minutes of “Serenity” (the movie).

Big Love is a show that has steadily not let me down with any episode for going on 4 seasons now. Every episode is explosive, intriguing and everyone plays their part to perfection. I adore Chloe Sevigny and think she does an amazing job on this show. Just when I think the plot can’t get any more crazy, it does.

I love Law & Order, slightly more than SVU, because they usually divide an equal amount of time to persecuting as catching. Plus, Sam Waterson is hot – he was Nick Carraway, for Pete’s sake! I cannot turn away from this show, if it’s on, I’m watching it.

I was a late bloomer into Californication but I’ve caught up quickly enough and have gotten caught up in the wonder that’s this show. I’ve always loved David Duchovny’s comedic forays (Return to Me, Trust the Man, Evolution…) so it makes sense that I love Californication. Life imitates art but I wonder how much of Hank Moody is David Duchovny (sex addiction, notwithstanding)?

Other notable mentions would be The United States of Tara (just one season young), The Tudors (one more season before it’s out of production), Weeds (5 seasons in and I still find the first season the most powerful) and Entourage (6 seasons in and waning as each season progresses).

So, that’s the  good stuff. Here’s the stuff I just don’t get.

What’s it been now? 6 seasons and their asses still on that island? Matthew Fox is hot and all (yes, was a fan from Party of 5 days) but for god’s sake – even Tom Hanks got off his island.

The world’s most annoying detective. Tony Shaloub should have just stuck to playing an alien in Men in Black and left us alone. We get it, he’s OCD. Haha. We get it, he’s still got OCD – let the hilarity ensue. For some reason, even just thinking about this show makes my face hurt from all the cringing it’s doing. Even an ad of the show makes me feel like hurling.

Ok, this one is a big one. I am aware that How I Met Your Mother gets big ratings and big fans. For the life of me, I have no idea why. I’ve watched a bunch of full episodes and greatest hits, and honestly, I’d rather watch re-runs of Doogie Howser. I love Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan and of course, Neil Patrick Harris but I really cannot stomach this show. I am not a fan of its pace – it goes for very quick hits, I find Harris overacts for the most part and the cast chemistry stiff and forced. But clearly, I am one of the VERY FEW people who don’t find this show amusing. True story.

(Typos and grammar mistakes sold separately)

2 Replies to “TV Taste.”

  1. I think people like Lost as they are intrigued about what is going to happen, why is it all happening and like to think about how they would react if stranded in a beautiful but hostile island. The novelty of the idea drew a lot of people initially then it went a bit silly in the series 2 and 3 but feel they have brought it on track a bit.

    I understand what you mean by How I met Your Mother and I only watched it as my friend strongly recommended it. I stuck with it and think the enjoyment comes from knowing the characters well, but I don’t think its all that good a programme. Also, Ted Mosby’s kids must be well bored by now as his Dad has been telling the story for years and still hasn’t got to the bit where he actually met their mother?!

  2. Fair enough on Lost – I suppose it takes loyalty to follow a show like that. I wanted to slip Heroes on the list but honestly, I don’t think anyone cares about that show anymore. It’s literally one of the few TV shows that put me to sleep during the 2nd episode.

    Other shows that started out well then just died a ridiculously horrible death (in my opinion, at least) are Ugly Betty (I watched it up till Season 2), Grey’s Anatomy (up till when they kicked Isaiah Washington) and Desperate Housewives (I only made it till Season 1).

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