Movies I’m ashamed to like.

I definitely consider myself a movie person – I’m a big fan of 80’s movies and high school movies (and these are the ones I don’t consider embarrassing). But, like everyone, I have my guilty pleasures and would never admit to liking but have decided that shame was for my 20’s.

Now, my wide array of 80’s and 90’s movies don’t count because the obscure (and often embarrassing ones) would have become cult favourites already (I would place movies like Lucas, Cutting Edge, Point Break, Just One of The Guys, etc… in there). Majority of my favourite high school movies shouldn’t count either because there is usually an element of intelligence and humour in there (movies like Bring It On, Can’t Hardly Wait, She’s All That…). I am not ashamed to like these movies.

The ones I am ashamed of, on the other hand, are the ones that I don’t personally own in my collection but yet, every time they are screened on cable, I get a little excited and must catch them (usually, I will rewatch the screenings too). So, let’s start with the most humiliating (and from then on, are in no order of shame)

Maid in Manhattan: That’s right. I’ve seen this movie. Many times. I loathe that I can’t stop watching it whenever it’s on. Jennifer Lopez is seriously a shitty actor and Ralph Fiennes is a good actor (save for the accent) in a horribly written role for an overall cheap and predictable premise of a movie. And still, I’ll watch it whenever it shows. (Trailer)

The Holiday: God help me, Cameron Diaz pretending to act at trying to cry, screaming to the Killers, Kate Winslet jumping on a bed and Jack Black trying to act suave? You’d think these acts would be impetus enough to change the channel, but no… I’ll get comfortable and watch it every time it’s on. And still get all swoony over Jude Law (and I don’t even like him!) (Trailer)

I (Still) Know What You Did Last Summer: I would consider liking the first installment of this storyline fairly entertaining and almost in line with Scream – it had a good modern infusion into a classic genre, with (then) up and coming actors. But liking the sequel… now I know that is just wrong. For one thing, Brandy is acting in it and the killer is the son of that Fisherman?! Who goes that far for revenge? Who has the the time, energy and resources? Maybe I just have the hots for Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddy Prinze Jr (at least I don’t like that Scooby Doo movie…). (Trailer)

Independence Day: I think end of day movies like Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow etc… are pretty good. Armageddon sucked balls and even Mars Attacks! was better than it. I am really not sure where to place Independence Day. Should it be considered a guilty pleasure or do many other people actually enjoy watching this movie? Bill Pullman was ridiculous as the President (although in all fairness, he’s ridiculous in most of his movies), Jeff Goldblum played his one role as usual, the stripper and the President’s wife, Harry Connick Jr in general and a computer programme saving the world. America saves the day! (Trailer)

Disturbing Behavior: Oh sweet Lord. This one is definitely shame-worthy. What is disturbing is the shoddy level of acting on top of the overall movie premise – a small town performing behaviour-modification on its youth to behave all 50’s and compliant. I can’t go on any further without sounding like a complete nut-job for liking this movie.(Trailer)

The Jane Austen Book Club: I have watched this movie a countless amount of times. I can practically quote it verbatim. Kathy Baker is frequently annoying, Emily Blunt is the saving grace, Hugh Dancy is cute (but with an odd non-location specific accent) and everyone else are just peripherals to “add layers” to a click flick. Single, often wed, lesbian, divorcee, unhappily wed – anymore female stereotypes in there and the movie would explode. (Trailer)

Daylight: Ok, I love my Stallone – the Rocky movies, Oscar, Tango & Cash. And god help me, I love Daylight. I love watching him try to get to the people stuck in the tunnel, rally them together and I always, always, cheer on for the safety of the dog towards the final scene. Is this considered a guilty pleasure? It may not be. (Actually, I wouldn’t mind owning this movie.) (Trailer)

Urban Legend: Jared Leto, Rebecca Gayheart, Joshua Jackson and Tara Reid (need I say more?) supporting Alicia Witt (hot off the TV series, Cybill) in a whodunnit movie with, once again, a badly dressed killer in oversized boots and a trench. I have absolutely no idea why I enjoy this movie, it’s definitely not the bad acting, investigating of strange noises, typecasting or poor film editing. (Trailer)


I would definitely think Maid In Manhattan is a low-point of my movie choices in life as much as I can claim to hate these movies, I can’t stop watching them. Maybe it’s more of the “car crash” theory vs. actually appreciating the film. Maybe it’s the opportunity to be able to switch off and just watch a brainless movie (with no surprises or post-movie depression that lasts days – see: Boys Don’t Cry or American History X).

I don’t think movies like Requiem For A Dream or American History X can be considered a “favourite movie of all time” – for anyone. I refuse to believe that you would take Requiem to a desert island if it was your one movie choice (unless you need inspiration to strangle yourself with a noose fashioned out of a coconut husks). It is an amazing film on so many levels but hardly a weekly repeat. I often wonder about the mental state of people who claim these types of serious films as their “favourite” movie. I mostly think they’re trying to look deep.

For me, my all-time favourite movie would be have to be Singles. It’s got everything I could ever dream of: a great script, cinematography, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden performing, members of Pearl Jam in cameos, amazing soundtrack, cast chemistry and the Cameron Crowe magic of before. (Citizen Dick scene)

** There are probably a gazillion spelling and grammar mistakes in this post but who cares? **

3 Replies to “Movies I’m ashamed to like.”

  1. Errr… I had actually listed Singles as my favourite movie AND soundtrack of all time. Thanks for “reading” though! :p

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