The obsession for odd men continues.

I believe the commonality for these odd, odd men I fancy would have to be a sense of humour.

My passion for Simon Pegg has, without doubt, not gone unnoticed. I literally have a mad crush on him – as much as regular girls do for Brad Pitt. I do not find Brad Pitt good looking. At all.

Then, there’s the inexplicable torch I’ve held for Seth Green for more than 10 years now. He’s so little, so beautiful and has excellent comedic timing.


A recent addition was Frankie Boyle, who, beyond his ridiculously sharp sense of humour, took my love higher when he grew this massive wooly beard. I mean, seriously! Look at that beard! It’s a thing of beauty, really…

And now, yet another comedian has made me all googly-eyed.


His name is Mark Watson, he looks like a total geek, is skinny (some women like that in a man) and above all, is funny.


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