Life is the space between.

I have a nagging feeling that life is the space between.


I might have been under the mistaken belief that life is a series of choices – a multitude of stops and starts. What if life is what happens between decisions? The seemingly insignificant moments, dismissed time, the rebound? I’d like to think of it as a gap between your teeth, that isn’t typically beautiful but is rife with character, defines your presentation, is embarassing and beautifully flawed.

Decisions relax to normalcy and routine – the calm before the storm. The space between is the storm in the teacup. Uncomfortable and exciting all at the same time. I come across a fair few people who try to bridge the decisions – to avoid the manhole – and sometimes, it’s better to jump over it because there’s no telling if there are sharks or dolphins in the water. I think I just got bitten by a shark but maybe a dolphin will come save me. Or maybe I’ll just haul myself out eventually.

If you understood this post, you’re way smarter than I am.


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