Don’t we all just love Robert Downey Jr.?


My first taste of Robert Downey Jr. came from the movie adaptation of Less Than Zero (which if I may say so, as a sidenote, is the only acceptable screen adaptation of a Bret Easton Ellis book. If you think American Psycho was done well, you obviously have not read the book). That being said, I don’t think it’s really possible to adapt an Ellis novel for screen holistically – he writes with such an intricacy of layers. I’m hopeful for The Informers – but I think they’re running out of Ellis novels already. I hope they make it as 80’s as possible – American Psycho didn’t quite capture the necessary 80’s vibe.

Since then, he has featured in some of my all-time favourite movies, such as: Chances Are, Soapdish, Heart and Souls, Only You (seriously hilarious movie) as well as a bunch of Ally McBeal episodes. I even enjoyed Gothika. Then he did Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (which is definitely in my Top 15). His chemistry with Val Kilmer (who almost stole the show) as well as great intro sequence and typographic treatment made the whole movie a true viewing pleasure.

He added a touch of satire to Zodiac, which was also a very well done movie, great acting.

And now, he’s everyone’s darling again – with Tropic Thunder, Ironman and (I wanna watch this one!) the upcoming Sherlock Holmes. I’m really happy for him – he’s been very open about his less than perfect life, which always lets people feel open about embracing him. He’s both so clearly flawed and talented – the ultimate push pull. Robert Downey Jr. still wholeheartedly has my heart.

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