Babies – Boom or Doom?

In a bit of an errand rush during lunch, I was waiting for a cab, when a lady walked in front of me (carrying a baby in one arm, pram with the other hand) and flagged the first available cab.

Before I could control my instinct, I hollered (like a vagrant lunatic), “Hey!” She had obviously been aware of my presence because she turned to me to indicate that there was another cab behind that one. I did my best mime of the word “So?!” and got into the second cab. I also repressed the desire to exclaim that I had procured a hard to book last minute eyebrow appointment.

And then I wondered if I should have given her that taxi because she had a baby. To which, my internal other half responded with a resounding, “Hell no!”.

Why the hell should I give up my seat on the train to a pregnant lady just because she (perhaps) made the decision to get pregnant and endure the cumbersome 9 months that tire her out and force the rest of us (who did not make this choice) to give up our equally earned seats? In this overcrowded, overpopulated world, shouldn’t people adding to the numbers move to the back of the bus? I, on the other hand, contribute to the economy, pay my taxes – receive none of the benefits that people who happen to have had children do. Tax breaks, seats on the train, assistance in carrying stuff and even childcare leave. Childcare leave! Government servants gets 5 days childcare leave (notice not required) so that they can spend time with their children, eg: taking them to the Zoo etc… What horseshit is this? Do single people get Hangover Leave? Spa Days? No, we don’t. Instead, we’re here – stuck covering for those who have to rush their kids to the doctor, take them swimming.

And yes, I am painfully aware that I am not coming off well with this – kind of like the witch in Hansel and Gretel. She didn’t want kids all up in her business – and that’s her prerogative. I just feel that we make individual choices in our life – why are some choices expected and accepted to spill into society and not others?

Ms. Cruel Bitch

8 Replies to “Babies – Boom or Doom?”

  1. Dear Noelle,

    I could not agree more with you on these pregnant women esp on the train, I have decided not to give up my seat, I agree I am single and need my seat. I will give my seat up for a paraplegic or an enderly person, the rest ‘NO’

  2. Dear X (Wishing to remain anonymous),

    Perhaps I shall. Till then, I will wish good spelling upon everyone!

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. i reckon it is a popular view, one held quietly in the hearts of the politically correct. handicapped? old bugger? i will be the first to help but pregnant? don’t assume that you are first in line.

  4. I agree with you on the childcare leave. For us here it is 6 days. and yes, all these mothers have a fantastic time with their kids, and we have to be around as backup because our kids are not below 7 yrs. I also want to go out with my sons and slack with them. In those days of old, we had no such thing as childcare leave, you just take your own or unpaid leave if they were ill. Spending quality time with your children, was your problem not the Company’s. You had to juggle your job and your kids.

  5. I suppose it is a good thing that it has progressed for social welfare and emphasis on the family – but can I too get 5 days single-gal leave to go shopping and take Dolce to the park? From inequality between men and women to inequality between women and women.

  6. Life is unfair. Get used to it. And embrace it. Then the preggie wont matter so much. Dolce is always up there.

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