Nightmares in inDesign.

Since my exquisite training in inDesign at Shillington, I have become somewhat of an inDesign nazi.

  1. Keyboard shortcuts (it’s called a shortcut for a reason, now)
  2. Paragraph styles (name them, not Paragraph Style 1, Paragraph Style 33)
  3. Character styles (and no, silly, silly, designers, they are not the same)
  4. Soft returns (don’t try  and dupe me with multiple tabbing to drop a word to the following line. I will apple+option+I to see your hidden characters and the jig will be up)
  5. Boxes, lines and text boxes do not make a table. Make a table.
  6. Clean up your goddamn swatches. If you’re not using a swatch, delete it. If you’re using it, name it. This was the straw that spawned this post. I took a file over yesterday and get a load of these swatches. Christ almighty, save their souls. Pantones, CMYK, RGB, named, unnamed – I almost blew an artery. Even the registration black was used as a colour!


And this is what my swatches look like. Co-ordinated and organised.

Picture 1

Maybe next time round, I’ll talk about the power of nested styles or other interesting goodies. No, not really.

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