Good gracious me.


Well, if you take the train as I do, you would have noticed these ghastly remembrances and references to the TV show we all wish would just go away. Wait a minute, didn’t it already go away? And yet, it’s back again, right in front of my face reminding Singaporeans to be gracious.

Can’t we just let this go already and instead spend the money on “Service Staff to Speak English” campaign? Or better just, spend more money on the good ol’ “Speak English” campaign?

Instead, I spend my time waiting for the train, mortified and embarrassed to be Singaporean as we are treated like idiot children who need daft B-grade television characters to educate us on manners. I am not against campaigns to educate the public but is the only “winning” formula they think will work? Can’t we at least be a bit smart about it? Mortified!

The alternative is to embrace our lack of manners. To be proud of the fact that we must walk abreast on a footpath, not letting anyone pass. To bring to light the fact that we don’t greet strangers or thank bus drivers. To celebrate the people that faux-sleep on the train (honestly, they are Oscar award winning actors in the making – the dedication and commitment!). I say we have a “Good Gracious Me” campaign to honour the Singaporean within us – if you don’t like it, get the fuck out of our country.

3 Replies to “Good gracious me.”

  1. Yes, couldn’t agree with you more. It is so annoying and embarrasing. Do they think we actually love bloody PCK and company. The community centres could relate to this not MRT stations.

  2. And not just that – when did that damn show end? Didn’t it end ages ago? Why is it still existing when there is no relevance or context?

  3. you know why, because our local monkeys can’t get enough
    of PCK and his stupid singlish humour.

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