Where have all the Thais gone?

Post holiday (of course, even a day back to the grind completely dissipates the relaxation) and here are some pictures – honestly, considering that people take photos of everything (even food. Why? I have no idea why people love taking these faux artistic shots of food), the amount of photos I took were pathetic. Although I look cute. (For people on Facebook who have seen these photos, look at them again!)

The question I ask is real: Where have all the Thais gone? The stretch of Patong has been completely invaded by Indians – who harassed us to no end. No longer were they touting us to make suits or buy DVDs – this time round, they were trying to hold our arms, shake our hands and verbally harassing us with cries (and at times, yells from across the road) “Hi baby!” “Hi sexy!” “Namaste” (I shit you not), “Your dress is so sexy, so transparent”, “India! From India!” and often, bursting into some indistinguishable Indian tongue. It really detracted from the usual authentic Thai feel (“massage!”) and for the remainder of the trip, we walked on the opposite side of the road and ensured we shopped at Thai owned stalls only.

To make it worse, there was a large amount of Indian tourists visiting Phuket at the same time – meaning we were leered at from all angles – in the pool, on the streets. It was really frustrating and it got to the point whenever we saw a bunch of Indians, Mish and I were, “oh shit, here we go again”.

I really do not understand the unabashed staring and leering that happens at us. Past a certain point, we were left wondering if we had walked out of the hotel naked, or something or had food on our faces. I am not sure if they are trying to identify our authenticity, fathom where we are from – maybe to them, we don’t look like real Indians. Who knows. All I know is that it is bloody rude to stare at someone – regardless of where you are from.

And by the way, I can say all this because I have Indian blood.





I am not Hindu! I eat of the beef!

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