What a difference a (half)day makes.

So, we got a Friday halfsie in lieu of the public holiday falling on last Saturday – better than nothing, so I decided to take full advantage of it.

I had a sashimi filled Japanese lunch, bought a pair of black suede rounded front pumps (so beautiful and exactly what I’ve been looking for), and a 2 hour massage. Delicious.

This was followed later on by a wonderful, conversation filled dinner with Sim at 7ate9 at the Esplanade (brilliant service, I would highly recommend it. The beef sashimi was good too) and a party session at Butter.

I’m saddened by the way Butter is turning out – I hope this is the storm before the calm. It was way too packed with people who were obviously there thinking it’s the place to be. I was in the loo with about 20 girls, who all spoke Mandarin (and that was never the case at the old Butter – it was always a mixed group of people with the common love for RnB). If there’s no room to dance at a nightclub, what’s the point? I really miss old ambience where everyone was friendly and it was like a huge family instead of the faceless void (which is why I was never a Zouk fan).

I will not desert Butter – my plan is to spend more time in the electro room (which has still maintained its original crowd and styling) and see what happens to the crowd boom. Boom boom pow.


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