Sean Penn so deserved it.

Ok, at the time of the Oscars, I was truly rooting for Mickey Rourke for both his triumphant return to Hollywood, his ownership of Chihuahuas and above all, his heart-warming/wrenching performance in The Wrestler.

This week, I caught Milk. (Yes, I know, I’m way behind)


Sean Penn deserved his win beyond the shadow of a doubt. After the first 15 minutes, he was Harvey Milk and ceased to be Sean Penn, which to me, is the ultimate way of knowing someone’s aptitude as a character actor. I am personally not a fan of over-feminising homosexuals as well as selling them as a heavily promiscuous group – so I didn’t really agree with that part of the portrayal – unless it was the intention of the movie to also showcase people’s homophobia – and their belief that all homosexuals as horny, sex addicted queens.

I loved the commitment that everyone gave to this movie – an insight to an AIDS-free San Francisco, on the brink of developing into the gay-friendly city it is now.


Sean Penn’s Oscar acceptance speech was weird though. I thought he would be slightly more respectful but I guess, at the end of the day, he’s just an actor.

I would have been just as happy if Rourke won.

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