I’m about to lose it.


Have you ever felt like you’re about to kill everyone around you and then slit your jugular wide open with a 250gsm piece of paper? My work rage is growing by day and I am often torn between wanting to inflict harm on other or on myself – the lesser of 2 evils – whichever would end this daily madness.

What is it with people who place themselves in the position to do nothing other than comment – and when asked to help/make helpful suggestions/provide alternative solutions – they disappear or throw it back to you? Am I that old fashioned that I believe – when you confront someone with a problem, you should also have a viable solution – instead of just criticising and ripping things to shred willy nilly?

My past two work weeks have been painful, tiring and hard. Every hour on the hour, I am resisting the overwhelming urge to just get up, take my bag and leave. It is a very sad thing when you career becomes a job solely because of where you work. And it’s even more sad when the money you get is not enough for the compromising design choices you have to make. I know it sounds terribly dramatic, but designing even the shittiest thing requires soul and when that is given away, you feel pretty ripped.

Wow, what a rambling.


2 Replies to “I’m about to lose it.”

  1. Yes… I know the feeling… been dealing with SOOO much passive aggressive bullshit from my boss(es) the last few weeks. Smiles and questions like “oh, so you’ve done the xxx report, right?”

    *Oh, you mean the one that YOU are meant to be f*cking doing, but have told me I should… even though I can’t read the goddamn materials?!?!*


    luv you hun, come and visit NOW!!! Flowers are in full bloom!! Hanami season!!! WE CAN SHOP!!!


  2. You know, flowers aren’t the best thing to try and draw me there. Shopping however… hmmm 😀

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