I Want To Ride(Get) My Bicycle.


I so want this bicycle. The Abici Granturismo Donna – I have no idea what it costs (over 2K?) but it’s too pretty to be cheap. I can see myself zipping around (yes, in my bicycle fantasy, I zip) with a little wicker basket in the front and Dolce sitting in it, looking like a Roman chihuahua. I may or may not have a scarf around my neck and I am wearing cropped cigarette pants. Bella donna!

2 Replies to “I Want To Ride(Get) My Bicycle.”

  1. Keeping busy I see. Yes yes i have been getting around. Rumoured to be around Singapore later this month.

  2. This is a pretty random post to comment on. I like rumours like that – keep in touch and let me know if/when you hit Singapore.

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