United States of Tara


My latest favourite show would have to be United States of Tara. Showtime scored with Weeds for me, so I gave Tara a trial and was pleasantly surprised.

Created by Diablo Cody (of Juno fame, how can you go wrong?) and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, this show is quirky, interesting and gives you an insight (albeit entertainment version) into multiple personalities. I generally like shows that let you peek into different worlds (see: Big Love for polygamy, Entourage for Hollywood and Weeds for surburban drug dealing).

Tara definitely lets you into their world – although it’s slightly unbelievable how everyone in their family has accepted Tara’s condition (played brilliantly by Toni Collette). Buck would have  to be my favourite character.

A shitload more interesting than that crap Heroes, Lost or Prison Break. I am however, interested to know how they plan to continue the series past season 1.

Catch the first episode here.

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