Big Love is one nutty show.


So, Season 3 of Big Love is up to episode 7 now and sweet lord, they have really outdone themselves. Every episode is jaw dropping with a surprise around the corner. More than once, I’ve gasped aloud on the train with surprise plot developments. At every episode, I keep saying to myself, “This is one nutty show”.

To me, the star is Chloe Sevigny – whom I’ve always loved and shines in her role as Nicki – playing a character that is completely not her and playing it well. I’ve never been a fan of Bill Paxton – but he’s passable in this show and not really a drawing factor to me. This season, they’ve taken the relationships between the sister wives to a whole new level and showcases the intricacy of their relationships.

Love, love, love Big Love.

Added: pics of Chloe Sevigny for Uniqlo – you can really see her dramatic transformation to play Nicki.



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