I am quite nutty for Simon Pegg.


Ok, this is my second post on Simon Pegg, which shows my obsession runs a little deep. I find him ridiculously cute and the big draw is, of course, is that he’s good at what he does. I think he has excellent comedic timing and I love his complete English-ness. That’s right. English-ness. He’s not wildly good looking (I’ve never mooned over Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise) but has a sweetness of face and just enough quirk to make him visually appealing. I like it.

I’ve finally caught up on How To Lose Friends and Alienate People – great movie, 2 thumbs up. I love Kirsten Dunst as well (from Little Women to now, I think she’s a really good actress) and there are so many great lines in this movie. Not to mention a Chihuahua. Really good movie, please try and rent it.

Airline staff: Have you got any baggage?
Sidney Young: Plenty. 


Side note:

It’s not that I hate happy ending movies. I love romantic, happy movies but I like it when it’s packaged and presented without pretense. A movie like Slumdog Millionaire wrapped up a ludicrously happy ending with a dark, heavy coat they quickly discarded. I guess I like my movies with boundaries. I also don’t like death creeping up on me (see: The Notebook, City of Angels, Message in a Bottle). Just package it accordingly, that’s all I’m asking.


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