Don’t men know how to date by now?

Let’s be honest. I’ve been dating for a while now and I’m hard pressed to find a date that truly impressed me (sans one). Don’t men get that women want an alpha male? I’m not talking brutish, over-muscular alpha males – I’m talking about taking control of the situation at least for the first 3 dates, before graciously  surrendering control forever.

Good first date behaviour

If you do not own a car, please arrange for a cab to pick her up. Be at the location early to meet the cab and pay for the fare. You do not have to send her back in a cab if you live ridiculously far apart but you can offer to pay. If she’s a lady, she will reject the offer.

I hate flowers, so I might be biased against this one. Generally, if she’s above 18, carrying flowers out on a date is humiliating – so be gentlemanly and get them delivered to her house while she’s getting ready (this requires time planning and logistics but I’ve had this done before and it really softens you up for a date).

There is absolutely no excuse for a man to not make reservations on a date. Do not ask her where to go, either. A man should have friends to ask on opinions on dinner places, else failing, there’s Google! You can, however, give her a choice of 2 locations/cuisines if you wish to be chivalrous and play to her preference. If you have never eaten there before, read some reviews so you can make some enlightening comments like, “I’ve heard the fish is good”. Generally, women don’t like clueless men.

Be Unusual
Beyond a plain old dinner date, an unusual date is usually a great opportunity to get to know someone’s inhibitions and willing to try something new/different. A lunch/brunch date (not wildly adventurous) is different and lets you spend almost a full day with her, if you really want to get to know her.

Ice-skating is another great idea (bring a jacket along for her) and only costs about $18 per person (including skates) for 2 hours. And I personally find bowling under-rated. You get to have a little competitive flirting and wear bowling shoes (which I’ve always thought were cute). Bring a little sumthin-sumthin to drink to make the date more fitting to the age group.

The Movies
I’m hesitant to recommend going to the movies for a first date. There’s little interaction so I would usually recommend the movie before dinner. This gives you both conversation during dinner should there be uncomfortable silence. Also, please research the movie – to check out the level of sexual activity/nudity which could potentially make for an awkward moment (see: the sex scene in Monster’s Ball). Also, Gold Class all the way.

So you see, it’s really not that tough. The formula is simple if you’re keen to get it right. If you are not that into the girl, just meet up for drinks and call it a night. But if you want to get to know someone well, start off on the right foot and make an effort.

Ok, time for me to get ready for Friday night.


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