Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

I found myself recently excited that Step Up! was showing on tv. This led me to realise that I have long enjoyed the dance movie. I’m not talking Hannah Montana or High School Whatever – but good, old fashioned dance movies.


It started out with Grease. Spending school holidays with our (then, little) cousin Marc, who enjoyed the racing scene at the end of the movie but had to put up with the entire movie first, thanks to his two female cousins. We must have watched Grease about 3 times a day (before we turned to the Rocky obsession but that’s another story. Eye of the tiger, man! Eye of the tiger!).


And then, came Dirty Dancing. Till today, I can remember every word of the dialogue. What a great movie. (Johnny!)


The next dance movie I remember enjoying and definitely watching more than once was Save The Last Dance (except all that ghetto blaster shit).


The only modern day dance movie I enjoy, Step Up. I didn’t expect to like it but god help me, I’ve watched it more than 10 times now.

The formula gets clear after a while – you have the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, the pristine, virginal girl, friends who all seem to have nifty footwork – sparks fly, the boy fucks it up, makes it up and the big dance finish. And here’s a big dance finish for your viewing pleasure.


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