Happy New Year, y’all!


Yes, I’m 5 days over due and yet, right on track to neglecting my blog. It’s not like the blog police are gonna get me. Anyway, sans the drama that went down on New Years Eve (what’s the welcoming of a new year without blood and tears, anyway?), it was fairly usual (drinking, laughing, dancing, club feet disease).

I received some lovely gifts over Christmas (vouchers make me happy) – although this year was non-stop and tiring. It made back to work that much harder. Today, is slow and sluggish. 

I have yet to scan in some stuff from my Hong Kong trip – should have brought a camera (that was my theme of 2008), but will do so tomorrow. We have a mighty fast new scanner at work so shall test it out. In the meantime, I’ll talk about Kanye.


808s and Heartbreak dropped in November 2008 and since then, Kanye has 2 simultaneous hits on the chart. But what I really love and admire about Kanye, is his blatant disregard for traditional rap and instead, his choice for bold forays into the electronic world. I loved his earlier albums (Two Words featuring Mos Def, started it for me) and of course, Gold Digger is a good dancing tune but when Stronger hit, his collaboration with Daft Punk really floored me. 2 completely unexpected artists working together to create a new wave of hip hop.

And now with 808s, you have Love Lockdown and Heartless (amazing, amazing songs) which are so fresh – more singing, more melodies, great drum beats (hey, the album is called 808s) and great videos to come with it. With the Love Lockdown video, I am completely feeling like Kanye is the new Björk. Yes, weird comparison I know – but you can completely feel a skewed vision and mentality coming off from the artist – as though you’re allowed a 5 minute glimpse into their twisted brain. Love it.

I can’t embed the video but the link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4HrM8eKBZk


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