I’m watching Garden State. Yes, again.

I’ve absolutely been in love with this movie since the first time I ever saw it. Everytime I watch it, it never ceases to amaze me how amazing it is. Although, it always depresses me at the end. Life is never like a movie, maybe that’s why I watch so much TV. And so, I decided to list the reasons why I love this movie.

Zach Braff
Zach Braff

1. Zach Braff

I find Zach Braff irresistable. It’s simple – he’s talented in more ways than just acting. He’s a great eye as a director, fantastic writing as a scriptwriter. He’s clearly got a sense of humour and a fantastic ear for music.


2. Quirk Factor

Let’s see: it starts from the split mirror screen, the faucets, the wallpaper shirt, meeting the Girl while a dog is humping your leg, the side car bike, the fire arrows, the garbage bag raincoats. I love quirk and this movie has it in droves. It also has words like “conundrum”. I love the scene where she brings him to her room and lays out all the idiosyncracies. Who does that anymore?

The Kiss.
The Kiss.

3. The wait for the Kiss

I love a movie that makes you wait for a good kiss. So many opportunities and I’m always glad he didn’t take them because that kiss in the rain was fantastic – it always feels unplanned and awkward (mostly because a 3rd character is there) but fantastic timing.

The tunes.
The tunes.

4. The Soundtrack

There are few soundtracks that can rival this one. From start (Coldplay’s “Don’t Panic“) to finish (Frou Frou’s “Let Go“) – it’s a fantastic range (Zero 7, The Shins, The Shins, The Shins, Iron & Wine) – it’s such a soundtrack to life.

So, for all those who have not seen this movie (it’s completely ludicrous to think this movie has passed you by), here’s the trailer.




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